Mission Statement

Our clients dream it, we build it. For the client that can’t do it himself or herself, and who seeks the peace of mind of having professionals perform with integrity, we provide the creative hands and skilled experience necessary to build your vision.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to take build designs from an inspirational idea to a tangible reality.

Company History

Elysian Builder is a product of many successes and one big failure.

Founded in 2004, then, under the name of David and Sons Construction, the business focused on more of the service and repairs in the residential sector of construction. Eventually, repairs led to larger projects which included 3 new construction custom homes.

After several years in business, the economy took its dive which led to David and Sons limiting its services to small repairs in the foreclosed property market. In 2011, David and Sons closed its doors.

Resurging in 2016, with Real Estate Investing properties, the company’s founder decided to change his focus and target the Real Estate Investment Properties. Taking on two Real Estate “flips” and diving in without any real plan except to deliver a product that would be built of skilled craftsmanship, with integrity, and from quality materials. Frustrated and highly disappointed from dealing with unprofessional and incompetent tradesmen and dwindling resources, the company’s founder decided to undertake the remodels by himself to ensure that his vision was delivered. The projects went over on the schedule and budget which ate into any profits that was to be realized, had the “flips” been “flips” and not “flops”. However, amid these experiences, an appreciation for the Remodeling and Restoration service was forged along with an understanding of the Home Remodeling process and standard practices in combination with the potential opportunities of the Home Restoration Market.

This led to the creation of Elysian Builder in 2017. Since its new inception point, the company has focused its efforts on expanding its list of network professionals in the industry, to assist in producing a product that exceeds the client’s expectations. From the duration of 2017 to 2023 our company has completed projects ranging from bathroom remodels to new floor installs, to kitchen overhauls and whole house renovations.

Beginning in 2023, the company decided to venture into commercial remodeling and tenant improvement projects. Elysian Builder is now partnering up with business owners to build their ideas into a physical product.